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  • Vacuum Packing System
  • Vacuum Packing System
  • Vacuum Packing System
  • Vacuum Packing System
  • Vacuum Packing System
Vacuum Packing SystemVacuum Packing SystemVacuum Packing SystemVacuum Packing SystemVacuum Packing System

Vacuum Packing System

  • Product description: Vacuum packing machine for brick type bag

Vacuum packing machine for brick type bag

This vacuum packing system consist of  Vacuum &bag bag reshape system ,

Auger filler ,  vertical packing machine, the bag size is adjustable according to material, it has advantages of fast packing, nice andcontinuous sealing, good-looking appearance and the inside pumping keep the vacuum effect better, it is widely used in food, pharmacy, chemical and other industries.

Samples -- Coffee Powder Packaging Machine

Specifications -- Coffee Powder Packaging Machine

Bag Type

vacuum & reseal brick bag

Maximum Capacity

up to 2kg

Minimum Capacity

depend on product characteristics but normal 5g


8-20bags/min (depend on products characteristics)

Hopper Capacity

50 Litres

Weighing Accuracy

± 0.2% depend on products characteristics

Bag Length

50 - 340mm

Bag Width

80 - 260mm

Reel Film Width

≤ 540mm

Film Thickness

0.04 - 0.12mm

Reel Outer Dia.


Reel Inner Dia.



AC220V/50Hz 1 phase or customer specification


Packaging machine

3kw, 800kg, 1650*1140*1650mm

Auger filler

1.2kw, 250kg, 1000*950*2200mm

Vacuum &bag bag reshape system

5.5kw, 600kg, 3125*660*1050mm

Compressed Air Requirement

0.6MPa 0.36M3/min

Advantages -- Coffee Powder Packaging Machine

Packaging machine

1- Machine fully controlled by Siemens or Omron PLC & Touch-Screen

2- Minute capacity can automaticlly display on Touch screen

3- Film transport system and horizontal Jaw motion both drived by Panasonic

4- Safe quick change of tube and collar by just pull out the braket

5- Optoelectronics detect film position on collar to correct film excursion

6- Electrical photo sensor inducting color code to contol bag length

7- Unique Pneumatic Film-Reel locking structure to avoid film drawing deflecting

8- Independent temperature adjustment

9- Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine.

10- The packaging machine also can be used for Polyethylene Film Sealing by changing correspond equipment

Auger filler

1- Servo motor control auger filling

2- Can be detached for easy clean

3- Simple and compact in design

4- All stainless steel product contact parts. Non-contact parts are stainless steel and aluminum

Vacuum &bag bag reshape system

1- Auto Vibrate, Form, Vacuum & Reseal Brick Bag

2- Stable working with SIEMENS PLC, Panasonic Servo Drive,

3- Machine working Steps: Get bag from VFZ series: vertical form fill & seal machine - Vibrate the bag - Form the bag shape - Vacuum & seal bag - Output bag


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